UX: Having a progress counter issue in a space assessment

It looks like adding an “Additional Comment” to a space assessment adjusts the progress counter with each keystroke. The “%” and “In Progress” numbers increase, unrelated to the actual number of verified spaces. Deleting the comment doesn’t make the counter reverse either. It continues to count each keystroke and add it to the progress counter. Very odd. Can you confirm and advise?

Our engineer from the space assessment team was able to reproduce this issue by:

  • 1) Creating a new assessment with spaces to assess.
  • 2) Selecting a space.
  • 3) Typing one character (or as many characters as you can type in 0.5 seconds).
  • 4) Wait for the loading indicator to appear next to the space name (it replaces the status dot which should be gray at this point).
  • 5) Continue typing while the loading indicator is still going.

The cause of the issue is that the logic is trying to find an assessment log to add the comment you’re typing. But since the loading indicator is still going, it means the assessment log is not created yet, so it creates a new assessment log each time you save a comment, log a person/asset discrepancy, etc. If this issue happens once for this particular space, it will continue to happen since it cannot find the assessment log for that space (it finds multiple instead). I was able to verify this by going to the “Assessment Details” tab which had several assessment logs for the same space. Please submit a PMR. It will be addressed in the upcoming release.

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