Is the hatching of attached spaces not supported in CI 12?

We are in the testing stages of upgrading CAD Integrator to CI 12. In our current setup, when a space polyline is successfully attached in CI, the space is filled with a hatch pattern, which makes it easy to determine which spaces are attached. Is this feature no longer supported in the new version?

The application of labels and fills has been changed from 10 to 12. Please refer to the guide in this wiki: Changes in version 12 (PDF attached to wiki). See Chapter 9. Basically, the fill configuration mechanism has been moved from CAD Integrator itself into TRIRIGA, leveraging the existing Graphic Reporting configuration used in Web Graphics. A few other resources that may be useful: (1) Configuring report preferences, (2) Hatches, (3) Web graphics, and (4) Replicating Legacy Label Behavior with Label Filters.

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