How do you launch a workflow repeatedly every 15 minutes?

I would like to ask you about the best way to develop a workflow which will be launched every 15 minutes. I’ve been reading the documentation about calendar and time-based events, but I’m not seeing the way to do what I need. I don’t totally understand how an event can launch a workflow. Could anyone give me any advice? I guess that I need to create an event, then trigger it with the SCHEDULE action to create a scheduled event. But after that, I don’t know what to do in order to launch the workflow, once the configured time into the event comes.

What I would suggest is triggering a workflow off of a scheduled event, that creates a new scheduled event for 15 minutes in the future. Your workflow logic would handle what it is you want to do every 15 minutes, and would create the new scheduled events to trigger again in 15 minutes. Essentially, you keep scheduling the current record that you started the process on.

You might also want to look at the “Future Event”. That is the ability to post an event that will be executed sometime in the future. That is what the Workflow Future Agent processes.

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