IV87030: Extended formulas EF_QUEUE table is not processing

The Extended Formula (EF) Agent stopped processing the queue.

We need to limit the rows in EF_QUEUE (to reset AGENT_ID to -1) to only rows that have an existing valid AGENT_ID value during server startup. The AGENT_ID only gets populated with the ID of the EF Agent that picked it for processing. For whatever reason, the row may not have completed its process, but the server has already shutdown, thus having rows flagged with a non-existing EF Agent. In order for the EF Agent to continue processing these rows, their AGENT_ID values need to be reset to -1, so that the next time the agent awakens, they will be picked up for processing. Refactor the existing code, so it can be more JUnit tested, and is using SQL code, instead of a direct database connection.

Moving forward, the application server will now start up, even if there is a large number of rows in the Extended Formula queue.

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One thought on “IV87030: Extended formulas EF_QUEUE table is not processing

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