Can anyone help with TRIRIGA planning drawings?

I am looking at the Move Management process which involves Move Requests and particularly Design Change Requests, which is where the current IBM TRIRIGA documentation dries up. The process generally looks like this:

  • 1. The User/Move Manager creates a Design Change Request.
  • 2. The Move Manager adds an Interior Designer (CAD User) role and some Design Plan options (Question 1).
  • 3. The CAD User opens the floor plan to be changed and uses the CAD Integrator command, Drawing > Create Planning Drawing, to link to the Design Change Request Options and save the planning drawing to a project folder. In CAD Integrator, the planning drawing opens and allows editing, and publishing allows the Move Manager to review the options in the Design Change Request (Question 2).
  • 4. Once created and approved, what do I do with the planning and production drawings when the change has happened (Question 3)?

Here are my questions:

  • Question 1: If the request is to add locations, how does the Move Manager do this? The form is read-only (yes, I can make it read/write), but have I missed the OOB way to create these new locations?
  • Question 2: In the planning drawing, CAD Integrator allows the same functionality (almost) as it does with a production drawing, except create a space. Normally, in CI, you would Smart Attach or right-click the Attach Space dialogue. I get the same issue as Question 1: Why is the space form read-only? I cannot add spaces.
  • Question 3: Move Management allows for Move Line Items (MLIs) to be committed to the database with the “Close Out” action. So, should the planning drawing work similarly, i.e. make the changes to the production drawing from the planning drawing? If so, how do I action this? Or does the CAD User need to make the changes manually, including create the spaces in the production system before the Move Manager clicks “Close Out”?

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