Top Ten TRIRIGAFEEDIA posts of July 2016

Yes, it’s that time again! In July 2016, TRIRIGAFEEDIA earned 4842 views from 1543 visitors, which represented a distinct drop from last month, most likely due to the U.S. Fourth of July holiday. Yet this top ten represented 5.7% or 276 of these views, which was the highest “spike” for any set of top-ten posts so far, wow.

Like last time, there was a lot of activity with certification training, UX learning, and the TRIMAX community. Again, the UX activity was led by the UX Lessons. But this time, the big surprise was Levin Global’s presentation “From data to comprehensive property management”, nice! So, here were the top-ten posts of July 2016.

Rank Post Hits
1 How do you earn a professional TRIRIGA certification? 53
2 *UX Lessons 51
3 From data to comprehensive property management 29
4 What are the TRIRIGA training paths to certification? 25
5 Exploring the TRIRIGA user group community 23
6 What does the TRIRIGA scheduler engine do and how is it used? 23
7 Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA process flow diagrams? 21
8 *What exactly is TRIRIGA UX? 18
9 How do TRIRIGA custom tasks work? 17
10 Are you planning to attend TRIMAX 2016 in October? 16
*Technically, a page, not a dated post. But worth ranking.


Rank Country Hits
1  United States 2559 (52.9%)
2  India 871 (18.0%)
3  Canada 207 (4.3%)
4  Hong Kong SAR China 156 (3.2%)
5  United Kingdom 150 (3.1%)
6  Spain 135 (2.8%)
7  Poland 76 (1.6%)
8  Russia 68 (1.4%)
9  Sri Lanka 66 (1.4%)
10  Singapore 62 (1.3%)

[Updated 08.12.16]

TRIRIGAFEEDIA Versus Knowledge Center

In a previous Top Ten post, I revealed a scary statistic. Based on the 6-month period ending February 29, 2016, TRIRIGAFEEDIA is getting about 30% (16198/54143) as many views, or 3 views for every 10 views of TRIRIGA on the IBM Knowledge Center (KC), wow. Has it changed since then? Sadly, I don’t have the latest KC numbers.

Luckily, I have the latest TRIRIGAFEEDIA numbers. If we assume that the KC views grew by 20% for the 6-month period ending July 31, 2016, then this blog reached 44.5% (28904/64972) as many views. But if we assume a 10% gain, then this blog rose to 48.5% (28904/59557), or 5 views for every 10 KC views! Which is crazy!

In other words, in less than 2 years, TRIRIGAFEEDIA has reached almost 50% of the activity of TRIRIGA on KC, updated for 5 years by 5-7 writers including myself. Crazy!

Knowledge Center Collections Views
All 21 TRIRIGA collections (6 months ending 02.29.16) 54143
All 21 TRIRIGA collections (assuming 20% gain) 64972
All 21 TRIRIGA collections (assuming 10% gain) 59557
All 21 TRIRIGA collections (assuming 0% gain) 54143
All 21 TRIRIGA collections (assuming 10% loss) 48729
By comparison, TRIRIGAFEEDIA (6 months ending 07.31.16) 28904

[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 07.01.16 post about the top-ten posts of June 2016.]

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