ValuD: Integrating BIM with IWMS

Typically, design and engineering teams manage the process of BIM model creation and preservation throughout the construction phase. This further leads to an advantage of having multiple resources maintaining and updating the model.

The drawback to this is that AEC groups are normally temporary in nature. They meet up for the task regularly, but disband once the venture is complete, leaving the building owners and occupants in a quandary about who will maintain the models once occupancy begins. Frequently, these models are rejected as RE/FM teams simply do not have the capability needed to maintain the BIM, especially if the model is exclusively preserved in Autodesk Revit, the innovative design tool.

IWMS offers an answer to this issue by safely circulating the obligation of maintaining the model all throughout a building’s lifecycle. This is accomplished using cloud technology and is done by associating the geometry of the model to the data in a way that gives access to what is basically an effectively viable digital operating and reporting manual for the building…

Selecting the right IWMS which delivers the ease of integrating CAD tools and BIM models within your facility management goals is of prime importance. To select the right IWMS solution provider, you can read my previous article. I personally advocate IBM TRIRIGA as one of the industry’s specialized IWMS solution providers. IBM TRIRIGA comes with the true power of integration and the capabilities to manage the lifecycle of real estate assets on a single platform…

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.01.16 post about CAFM, CMMS, EAM, and IWMS competitors, the 06.30.16 post about when facility managers should get involved in BIM, and the 02.08.16 post about having fun linking Autodesk Revit BIM models to TRIRIGA IWMS.]

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