How do you install, upgrade, or uninstall IBM TRIRIGA TDI?

IBM TRIRIGA platform version 3.4.1 and later provides integration with Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI). TRIRIGA TDI integration offers support for running TDI-based ETL Job Items from within TRIRIGA. This wiki describes how to install the TDI feature of TRIRIGA. It also provides information about upgrading TRIRIGA when the TDI feature is installed and about uninstalling TRIRIGA TDI.

Installing TRIRIGA TDI

TDI is installed and configured by the TRIRIGA installer. The version of TDI installed is as follows…

Install Troubleshooting

Check the following install logs to verify that TDI installed successfully and to troubleshoot problems with TDI installation…

Upgrading TRIRIGA with TDI Installed

Before beginning a TRIRIGA upgrade: 1. Uninstall TDI (see Uninstalling TDI below)…

Uninstalling TDI

During a TRIRIGA upgrade, uninstall TDI before you rename the directory in which TRIRIGA is installed…

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.01.16 post about documentation on developing TDI with TRIRIGA. To see other related posts, use the TDI tag.]

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