How do you map a field from a classification lookup to a BO?

I have a field cstBuildingTypeCL that I’ve added to my business object that references a classification. However, I want to use the locator field capability to map over the triDescriptionTX from that classification. I noticed there is not a Locator check box for CL field types in the Field Properties in Data Modeler. I already have an association from my business object to the classification. How would I map over a field from a classification lookup to a business object?

So I went with the method of adding a smart section based on my association to the classification. However, the Name field from the classification object is required on my targeted form, when I click the Find button to display the list of values to select. How do I make the Name field not required in my targeted form?

My first thought is the required flag is set as “true” in the field of that smart section within Data Modeler. If you remove the required flag of the name field in the smart section and republish the object, you will be able to remove the required flag within the form. When you create a locator field, you can set up a map to have values from the selected record map to other fields within your form… You would need to create a text field against the classification object to accomplish this. Classification fields themselves, do not have a locator capability.

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