Why do TRIRIGA reports fail to export to Microsoft Excel?

Recent Windows operating system updates block the way that IBM TRIRIGA exports reports in most IBM TRIRIGA platform versions. Instead of opening the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet populated with your data, the spreadsheet opens unpopulated. However, changes in the report export process introduced in IBM TRIRIGA Platform bypasses this problem. Because of the scope of the changes that were implemented, these functional changes will not be backported to older platform streams.

If you need export functionality, but are unable to upgrade to platform version, the following changes within Excel will also allow you to open the report exports. From in Excel: File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View. From here you need to uncheck the 3 options under the Protected View settings and try the report export again. For additional information from Microsoft, review this link.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal.]

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