How do you control the “0” or “null” value in date fields?

How can I change the display format of a date or date-and-time field? When retrieving data using the Database Query Tool, some values show “zero” and some are “null”. See the following sample steps for reproducing the issue in an out-of-the-box application… (1) From this query, you will see where either some or all of the entries are set to “0”. This should not be the case. (2) When creating a facility project with a bad work task entry, you will see “0” versus the correct “null”.

There is a property in that can control the format display for fields such as date or date-and-time:

# This property is used at record runtime to determine whether number fields render 0 for null value or show empty field.
# When the value is Y, a number field renders zero in a form when the value in the database is null.
# When the value is N, a number field renders empty in a form when the value in the database is null.
# The default value of this property is Y.

This property will allow you to show “null” or “0”. The platform data can be stored as “null” or “0” in the back-end database. When the query is run in TRIRIGA, the platform will format it accordingly.

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