What are the best practices for Microsoft SQL Server database?

To address performance-related issues in the installation of the TRIRIGA Application, this article provides suggestions and recommendations for the IBM TRIRIGA MS SQL Server database environment. It also provides monitoring and troubleshooting steps to quickly discover and prevent performance and instability degradation… This article addresses the following key areas:

  • General best practices
  • TRIRIGA-specific recommendations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Problem resolution…

MS SQL Server performance problems can be difficult to pinpoint and require inspection into many aspects of the environment. There is no magic button or specific step-by-step actions to locate every performance issue. Instead, there are guidelines for diagnosing and troubleshooting common performance problems. This article will provide a general methodology for diagnosing and troubleshooting MS SQL Server database instability and performance problems in common scenarios.

Configuration, tuning, and sizing issues for MS SQL Server may lead to various instability and performance issues from the database end. The instructions listed below should be reviewed, confirmed, and applied by the customer’s database administrator whenever necessary… Here are some basic best practices that should be implemented on production MS SQL Server environments…

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