Is there a way in Batch Associate to filter space groups by floor?

In CAD Integrator, I am trying to attach spaces to space groups using Batch Associate (IBM TRIRIGA > Edit > Batch Associate). The objective is for the list to show only the space groups tied to that specific floor (of the drawing).

Currently, all the space groups in the application are being shown without any filter on the drawing floor. Is it possible to filter the space groups? I was wondering whether we can update the “cst – triSpaceGroup – CI – Available Space Groups” query provided in the space group mapping to only filter to the current floor.

That is currently not possible. The Batch Associate (to) records process cannot filter by any particular ID (floor ID) in this case. It’s also not possible to configure the query to filter to the current floor. If this is important, you can submit an RFE

In the meantime, I think you can do this as a workaround: Update the Name Special field on the mapping for Space Group to include the floor, e.g. use the full hierarchy path for the name. Then you can filter by the specific floor name in the search box.

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