Why is server synchronization failing after upgrade to 3.5.1?

In an attempt to run a TRIRIGA 3.5.1 upgrade, I have installed WebSphere and TRIRIGA successfully without errors. But when trying to load the application (start server), I get a slew of errors just as the server attempts to perform “Initializing Spring Application Context”. Ultimately, the typical webpage login page is available, but no BOs ever publish. The application process essentially completely stops at “Loading Startup Cache” after my log file is blown up to the tune of 45MB, so there is nothing to actually log into. I’m trying everything I can think of, but the Java messages aren’t exactly the most helpful. Does anyone have any ideas where to start? I get the same result whether I’m attempting WAS or Liberty.

So, to add to my own question, I finally traced back to the original log file and noticed that the “Server and Database Server Synchronization” began, and failed after applying the first 6 of 95 updates. It looks like it was because the database was locked mid-stream. Restarting the server does not let it “pick up where it left off”. I need to restart the sync (or trick it the server into thinking it hasn’t done it yet), and I think that to do so, I need to inform my DBA of some values or packages to delete or change to trigger this. Am I thinking along the right lines, or am I way off here?

Actually, the issue was that the build numbers were the same. With the build numbers the same, it wasn’t recognizing that there was more to upgrade. So I committed the old build number to the database, restarted, and the process picked up where it left off. I’m still doing a bit of housekeeping, but it seems that the upgrade was a complete success. Thank you for you input, I would have been spinning my wheels for a long time.

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