IV88277: Data map does not work if same BO name in two modules

You may find an issue with the setup of an integration object record when using a business object that exists with the same name in two different modules. For example, when setting up the Data Map, you can select the Module as triItem and the Business Object as triChecklistCategory. But then you don’t get any options in the Form drop-down (just a blank value), so you are unable to continue in setting up the Data Map. You may observe that there is a triChecklistCategory BO in both the triItem and Classification modules.

The issue is that integration object logic to display business objects with staging tables in the Data Map drop-down list did not take into consideration that the same-named business object can belong to multiple modules. This was reported in TRIRIGA 3.5.1/10.5.1.

As suggested, the issue was that the SQL retrieving the BO staging tables was not looking at the module. Thus, if two BOs with the same name belonging to different modules had staging tables, the integration object logic did not know which BO to use. The fix is to pass in the module name into the SQL. Moving forward, we resolved an integration object “File to DC” issue, where staging tables were not correctly loading in the Data Map tab, if the business object selected had the same name as another business object belonging to a different module.

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