Getting an HTTP Error 500 when previewing BIRT form reports

I recently upgraded to TRIRIGA platform 3.5.1 and installed Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1 per the 3.5 Reporting User Guide. I can import, create and preview a query report.

But when I import and create a form report, I get an error when trying to preview using View Report as PDF. HTTP ERROR: 500 Problem accessing /viewer/preview. Reason: Server Error. Powered by Jetty. Trying to preview in Web Viewer gets the same error except: Problem accessing /viewer/frameset. I have recreated this in multiple environments, including an OOB install of TRIRIGA 3.5.1. Please advise.

If you upgrade the BIRT Designer to version 4.6 that runs with Java 8, this issue should go away. We will be updating our Support Matrix to state that Designer 4.6 is required for preview to work… Are you running the Windows operating system for your application server? If you are, you will want to apply the Fix Pack which is available on Fix Central. It has a fix specific to BIRT and Windows OS.

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3 thoughts on “Getting an HTTP Error 500 when previewing BIRT form reports

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