How do you set Data Load mode to process hierarchy records?

If you have a process that inserts or updates hierarchy records, within a workflow, you can add a custom task step to the beginning and ending of the workflow that controls the hierarchy tree. These tasks have been available since TRIRIGA Platform 3.4.2. Turning on “Data Load” mode will increase performance, and throughput for adding new child records to hierarchy type modules.

These methods will work on the cache. Specify the following in the Class Name field:

  • com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask$SetDataLoadMode: Sets the faster “Data Load” mode, suspending tree updates, but won’t make the record updates across the cache.
  • com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask$SetNormalMode: Sets the tree processing back to normal mode.
  • com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask$ClearCacheAndRebuildHierarchyTree: Clears the cache and rebuilds the tree from scratch on this one server.
  • com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask$RefreshAllCache: Clears all cache across all servers.

[Admin: These 4 values are also listed in page 365-366 of the 3.5.1 Application Building user guide (PDF). A similar article is also posted in the Watson IoT Support blog.]

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