UX: How do you retrieve and display values from parameters?

I am relatively new to the UX framework, and I am having an issue with displaying the parameters on the landing page. This is what I am trying to do: (1) all-tasks.html to retrieve all of my tasks, and (2) my-task.html to display the selected task. I was able to display the task ID, which I am sending as a query string. But I cannot retrieve anything else. I am attaching my code here:

<link rel=”import” href=”../triplat-routing/triplat-routing.html”>

<link rel=”import” href=”../triplat-ds/triplat-ds.html”>

<dom-module id=”my-task”>


<triplat-route name=”myTask” params=”{{params}}”></triplat-route>

<triplat-ds id=”taskDS” name=”task” data=”{{taskObj}}”>

<triplat-ds-instance instance-id=”{{params.taskId}}”>






Update: I fixed the issue, apparently the triplat-ds was not set correctly.

<triplat-ds id=”cstUXAllTasks” name=”all-tasks” data=”{{allTasks}}”>

<triplat-ds-instance instance-id=”{{params.taskId}}”>


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