UX: How do you use pagination in triplat-query and triplat-ds?

I’m trying to use the pagination feature of triplat-query, but I can’t access the items in each page. I followed the code from the documentation and see the page number in my currentPage variable. Is there anything else I need in the triplat-ds in order to use it? The {{people}} is displaying all people in this case.

<triplat-ds id=”peopleDs” name=”people” data=”{{people}}”>


<triplat-query-page id=”peopleDsPage” size=”50″ current-page=”{{currentPage}}” total-pages=”[[totalPages]]”>

<triplat-query-filter name=”firstName” operator=”contains” value=”{{searchValue}}” ignore-if-blank>

<triplat-query-sort name=”firstName”></triplat-query-sort>



// go to the next page

// go to the previous page

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