Why doesn’t the retire validation work from CAD Integrator?

With TRIRIGA 3.5.1 and CAD Integrator 12.1.3, it looks like the Space retire validation workflow (triSpace – Synchronous – triRetire Validation) isn’t working when retired from CAD Integrator (Child Records > Retired Unattached). Spaces with people or allocation records associated still retire, even though they aren’t able to from the app. The workflow instance shows it’s retrieving the people and going down the correct switch path to stop. If the space record is opened in the app, the user message is showing that there’s a person associated, but it’s in retired status.

Can anyone verify? Is there something I can update in the workflow to make it functional from both CI and the app? It seems that something’s different with how it can update the record to revert the status back from CI maybe.

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