What do these smart object log warnings and errors mean?

I’m seeing some smart object-related warnings and error messages in our logs. Should I be concerned with seeing any of these 3 messages?

2016-08-01 00:00:49,101 WARN [com.tririga.platform.smartobject.domain.field.IdField](WFA:221831 - 14421645 SCHEVENTSTART:317490875 IE=317300875) Could not dissociate Smart Object from this field because it does not exist:...

2016-08-10 14:21:22,875 ERROR [com.tririga.platform.gui.rendering.html.GuiSectionHtmlRenderer](WebContainer : 0) Could not resolve locator field linked smart object[MID-4292439571]
com.tririga.platform.smartobject.dataaccess.SmartObjectNotFoundException: Could not find Smart Object that this field refers to:...

2016-08-17 09:57:45,310 WARN [com.tririga.util.TranslationUtility](WebContainer : 9) An error was encountered while trying to retrieve the translated record name or path of a classification field.[MID-3422822993]
com.tririga.platform.smartobject.dataaccess.SmartObjectNotFoundException: No Smart Object with id '1172332' exists

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