ValuD: Why should more finance executives notice IBM TRIRIGA?

Through IBM TRIRIGA, financial teams can access real-time visibility, streamline processes, identify high- or under-performing locations, avoid over-payment and, most importantly, stay compliant with the latest regulations. Organizational leaders can establish and manage the most strategic goals and objectives within IBM TRIRIGA by logging into the Finance Executive role which focuses on the following:

  • Monitoring financial performance metrics and compliance.
  • Receiving and responding to approvals and notifications.
  • Running performance metrics, such as total occupancy cost per area, leased to owned ratios, capital cost ratio, operating cost ratio, and operation cost per area.

In today’s world where data is so plentiful, don’t lose your competitive edge by not taking advantage of integrated solutions purpose-built to help you boost your financial statements. If you are ready to make the next step with your system integrations or simply want to sit and talk through your roadmap, our team of experts would be happy to continue the conversation with you. We have successfully implemented IBM TRIRIGA with more than 40 clients across a wide range of industries…

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