How do you recalculate the path after changing the parent?

In TRIRIGA, when a user renames a geography record or attaches it to a new parent, the path value (triGeographyLookupTX, for example) won’t be updated automatically in the associated records (locations, triPeople, triContactRole, etc). So I’m working on a solution to update all of the path values of associated records when a geography has been modified (by associating to a new parent or being renamed).

But now I’ve found another issue. When the geography is attached to a new parent, triPathSY is recalculated correctly in the base language, but not in the secondary language (French, in our case). So when I tried to update the path values of associated records, I can’t get the new path in the workflow.

After testing, renaming the geography (by modifying the triNameTX) and triSave does recalculate the path on both the base and secondary languages. So I want to trigger the same procedure before populating the new path to the associated records. Do you know how to trigger the recalculation of triPathSY in a workflow?

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