Do you get unexpected results with Data Integrator in TRIRIGA?

The most pervasive issue I have seen overall has been problems with the source sheet. Typically, I start my Data Integrator process by building a spreadsheet with the column headers using the TRIRIGA application. Starting from the Data Integrator interface, reached from Home > Tools > Data Integrator, and using the Create Header action, you can generate a base sheet. It’s as easy as selecting the fields you want to use, and exporting a sheet to begin working with it. You also have the option to simply open Excel and type in the fields you want to use.

A known issue is encountered when copying and pasting from the application into Excel. In fact, this is one of the key points I want to make. Copying data from the TRIRIGA application, or from any other tool, into Excel, will almost invariably introduce formatting into the spreadsheet. This is the most common cause of issues with the upload process. HTML formatting information will cause problems with the upload.

The method I have found that aids in getting around this restriction is to use the Copy/Paste VALUES option when pasting data into the spreadsheet. This removes the formatting tags, and allows for a clean upload. At times, I have experimented with copying and pasting an entire spreadsheet into a new sheet, again using the VALUES option, to clean up an upload sheet prior to saving as a text file. This yields good results and has solved many issues for me.

Another area where I have encountered issues in the past is when trying to make edits to the text file after exporting it from Excel. I strongly recommend that this NOT be done. If any edits are warranted, please make the changes in the spreadsheet and re-export the text file. In fact, I would recommend deleting the original text file, and doing a fresh export each time any edits are made. This eliminates the possibility of bringing in bad data, or merging unexpected edits…

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