ValuD: How does IBM TRIRIGA help accelerate lease preparedness?

1. OSCRE-compliant templates to accelerate loading of lease information

In the interim, companies offering IWMS have shaken out and there has been a movement towards standardization. The Open Standard Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE) promises to deliver global standards for exchanging electronic real property information and drive their adoption. The interoperability and standardization of these systems is gradually coming to fruition…

2. Site selection and scenario modeling to increase return on assets

Everything—including site selection, construction, lease negotiations and finance—can be managed with the IBM solution. With the IBM lease accounting solution, companies can achieve their goal of keeping costs lean, while complying with far-reaching regulatory changes of FASB. IBM TRIRIGA eliminates the spreadsheet-based processes and automates the latest FASB reporting requirements

3. Financial assumption management and auditable lease accounting

Real estate costs represent a top-four cost for most organizations, and rental costs typically constitute the greatest portion of these. In many instances, however, landlords fail to comply with lease terms, and overcharge for maintenance, utility and other expenses. Through automated tracking and notification of significant dates, and the validation of invoices against contract terms, IBM TRIRIGA streamlines lease renewals and avoids erroneous over-payments to unlock significant cost reductions and increase effectiveness of lease administration…

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