Why should you upgrade your IBM TRIRIGA environment?

Many times, a client may hear a support engineer say that they should upgrade to the latest version. Why do I keep hearing that? Especially if upgrading will take time, money, and resources?

TRIRIGA, like all other software, evolves. We continuously fix defects and add new functionality. For instance, if you are on version 3.3.2, some of the features you cannot take advantage of include improved logging capabilities, which makes it easier for us to help you troubleshoot an issue. Also included is improved security and, more recently, object labels and revisions. Since software can sometimes have defects, you never know when a defect might impact your business. But why wait for it to impact you? Upgrade so that it won’t happen. New functionality is also added into the software and you may want to take advantage of it.

Another reason to upgrade is that software uses various technologies, which changes faster than New England weather! Technology is constantly changing and TRIRIGA must keep up in order to keep it running. That technology can be in operating system updates, browser versions, application servers and Java, to name a few. Support may often recommend staying current with product releases, but it is always good to review the release notes for the current release…

[Admin: Another upgrade option to consider, barring heavy customization, is a cloud-based TRIRIGA SaaS solution where upgrades are performed by the SaaS provider instead.]

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