How do you get started with TRIRIGA Portfolio data?

When starting as a new user or working with a new copy of the application, there are some dependencies within the application that need to be satisfied if you want to do anything more than create a user record. In short, a newly created application has a good bit of data in it, but you will need to add more to begin using all aspects of it.

  • Do you want to add a Location? You’ll need a Geography to assign to it.
  • Do you want to add an Organization? You’ll need a Primary Location.
  • Do you want to add People? You’ll want a Primary Location and Organization

The best place to start is in the Portfolio menu. Geographies, Locations, Organizations, and People form the basic building blocks for adding record data.

  • 1. Geography. For Geographies, It’s helpful to add at least two complete branches, one in North America and one for Europe. A basic scenario would begin with World Regions for North America and Europe and continue to City level for each branch. This allows for flexibility in scenarios involving multiple time zones, moves and other time and place based events.
  • 2. Locations. For Locations, in following the North America/Europe theme, it is sufficient to create two complete Location branches, much like Geography. As above, create complete branches beginning with Property and working all the way down to at least one Space record for each branch. This allows for flexibility in Space area calculation, Moves, and can also be used for Requests.
  • 3. Organization. There is not typically a need for as complex a structure for Organization. It is certainly possible and some scenarios will likely require it. But for basic testing purposes, a single My Company record, and a single External Company will be sufficient.
  • 4. People. As with the Organization structure, the users needs will dictate what should be created. Two users for the My Company record, and two users for the External Company will allow for basic testing. Remember that unlike the other records mentioned here, People have dependencies for Licenses and Security…

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.28.14 post about the Getting Started videos, and the 12.11.15 post about the TRIRIGA process flow diagrams.]

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