IV88937: Locators do not work if security group access is not set

During the testing of TRIRIGA on Google Chrome, we are unable to populate a locator field with a value selected from the popup query. Select the spyglass and the query pops up. Select a record using the radio button. Click OK. The query popup closes and the field does not get populated with the selected record. This happens for all locator fields within the system. But when you type into the field to search and select the value, this works.

We added a security access check that should not block static JavaScript files if they have access. Moving forward, the following issues were resolved related to the user having “No Access” to My Reports, Community Reports, or System Reports.

  • User can now search using locator query search functionality.
  • They can run related reports for the query where they have access.
  • Actions will now display on the query section.

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