IV89017: Download link missing in the Notes & Documents section

Non-admin users that are in a group with full access to a lease are finding that sometimes they are able to view the “Download” option for documents present in a service contract’s “Notes & Documents” tab, but not other times. The problem seems to be a result of the User Permission and Group Permission sections in the “Permissions” tab of the document being missing for downloads. Once user and group information for security group access is added, the “Download” option becomes available.

This problem appears when you have at least 2 non-admin users, both in a group with full access to lease. If user #1 uploads a document to the lease and user #2 opens the lease and wants to download it, user #2 can’t since no “Download” link is present. When document permissions are examined, user #2 has no access to the download option.

As a temporary fix, modify the document’s “Permissions” tab and provide download access at the user and/or group level to the user that is unable to download… A new property ENABLE_AUTO_DOWNLOAD_ON_DOCUMENT_PREVIEW has been added to TRIRIGAWEB.properties. This property enables or disables the legacy auto-download behavior on the document record preview tab. With it enabled, it will bypass the download permission in Document Manager, and the preview tab will behave as it did before.

[Admin: This post is related to the 10.24.15 post about skipping the Notes & Documents login credentials.]

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