UX: How do you debug your UX app?

Debugging hints

  • Import statements. Make sure that you include the “import” statement that’s needed. There is no error in the browser Dev Tools console when you forget. It just doesn’t show the component that you expect. This page talks about it.
  • Attribute names. The Polymer help text still shows old camelCase attribute names in their examples. Those are left over from version 0.5. For version 0.9, the XML attribute names are lower-case with hyphen (or dash) separators. For example, iron-media-query shows “<iron-media-query query=”(min-width: 600px)” queryMatches=”{{queryMatches}}”></iron-media-query>”. But actually, in version 0.9, you need to use query-matches, not queryMatches.
  • Data source actions. If you configure an action with a workflow, and that workflow has a property Object Type “-Any-“, then the Business Object field should be blank.

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