How do you clear a locator field with an OnChange workflow?

I’m using the locator field and taking advantage of the mapping functionality to cross over fields from the mapped object to the targeted object. However, I’ve noticed that when I click the “X” button next to my locator field on the form to clear the value, the mapped field does not get cleared out. I still want to retain the locator field functionality, because it works great if the user just selects or changes the locator field value, and it updates the mapped referenced fields. However, the flaw is when the user clears out the locator field value.

If I retain the locator field, can I use an OnChange workflow to clear out the mapped fields from the locator field, if the locator field is set to null? If I use an OnChange workflow, should I use a Permanent Retrieve or Temporary Data?

You can use an OnChange workflow on a locator field to remove the mapped value. Using a permanent or temp data depends on your business logic. The workflow will fire from an OnChange of the locator field value.

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