Does anyone know why stacking tool is preventing placement?

I’m trying to place departments in different areas using the stacking tool, but I receive a weird error message… I see nothing in the documentation regarding this error message, and there aren’t any settings that stand out to me. Does anyone know what causes this issue? We haven’t modified any of the SFP BOs or workflows.

We figured out the issue. This is a bug, but it depends on the back-end platform and database. This is TRIRIGA platform with a SQL Server 2012 database. We didn’t see this issue on an Oracle database.

The pre-move validation workflow retrieves the “from” and “to” trays, and if their names end with [FORECAST REMOVALS] or [FORECAST ADDITIONS], it will display this error. We had to change the Retrieve task to use the Contains operator, and we also had to remove the square brackets. It looks like it’s generating bad SQL and returns data even though it should filter it out… We even mapped what we retrieved into a calc helper and the name doesn’t contain what it’s filtering for.

[Admin: A similar article is posted in the Application Platform forum. If you use SQL Server, do not use filters that add wildcards (contains, starts with, ends with) with “[” and “]”. SFP does this OOB and it breaks the stacking tool. Oracle is unaffected.]

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