Is there an automated way to assign bookmarks to users?

My client wants to know if there’s an automated way that they can assign the forms and queries/reports to their users in the user’s My Bookmarks. They are used to using the “Quick Add” feature before the TRIRIGA 3.0 version. We’re currently working on upgrading them to TRIRIGA

There is no way to assign bookmarks to users as an administrator. Bookmarks are specifically user-initiated and user-scoped. However, there are navigation item types such as “record add” and “record views” which can be set up in a portal and assigned to users.

As a side note, I would advise that if an upgrade project is still ongoing from the 2.x platform, using the 3.5.1 platform should be strongly considered. The 3.4.2 platform was released over 2 years ago, so the client would be starting with a smaller support window, as well as missing significant new features such as UX Framework, and object labeling/versioning.

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