ValuD: Providing a full IBM TRIRIGA training catalog

ValuD provides a full IBM TRIRIGA catalog, which covers the individual applications as well as the TRIRIGA platform, administration, and reporting. In addition, courses can be tailored to meet specific training needs, or more-closely align to specific customizations in a client installation.

Application Training Catalog

  • IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio LT
  • IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Administration
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Contract Management
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Transaction Management
  • IBM TRIRIGA Lease Accounting (FASB)
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Lease Abstraction
  • IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities (Space) Management
  • IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator
  • IBM TRIRIGA Maintenance Management
  • IBM TRIRIGA Inventory & Purchasing
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facility Condition Assessment
  • IBM TRIRIGA Environmental Management

Platform Training Catalog

  • IBM TRIRIGA Application Administrator
  • IBM TRIRIGA Application Developer
  • IBM TRIRIGA System Administration
  • IBM TRIRIGA Ad-hoc Reporting
  • IBM TRIRIGA BIRT Reporting
  • IBM TRIRIGA WPM (Workplace Performance Management)

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.12.15 post about the TRIRIGA training paths to certification.]

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