Where can you find information about document permissions?

Document permissions overview

In general, a user may access a Document record when at least one of the following is true:

  • Rule 1. By being the author of the document record. The user who creates a document record is given access to the document implicitly.
  • Rule 2. By being granted access on the Permissions tab of the document record.
  • Rule 3. By being an admin user.

Bypassing explicit document permissions for users with group access to a smart record

In some cases, however, non-admin users who have not been given explicit access via the Permissions tab may need to access document records from a smart section. In order to facilitate this functionality, we have added a new web property called HONOR_DOCUMENT_PERMISSIONS_MODEL_FOR_DOWNLOAD to TRIRIGA Platform version or later, or later, 3.5.2 or later.

  • When this property is set to TRUE, the permissions model will be enforced as described by Rules 1 – 3 above.
  • When this property is set to FALSE, Rule 2 will be bypassed when the document is accessed from a Smart Section context. In other words, users who have access to open document records through a smart section will also be granted view and download permissions even if they are not the author and were not given explicit access on the document’s Permissions tab.
  • DISCLAIMER: This change is system-wide and will affect the accessibility of Document records that are viewable from ANY smart section of ANY smart record that is accessible to ANY user.

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