EnOcean launches Dolphin energy harvesting wireless modules

EnOcean, the world’s leading developer of energy harvesting wireless technology, will offer its energy harvesting wireless modules and white label products under the new brand name “Dolphin – Self-powered IoT by EnOcean” in the future…

The battery-free Internet of Things

The Dolphin modules use the energy harvesting principle, in which energy is obtained from the surroundings, to supply self-powered wireless sensor networks. As a special feature, the technology includes miniaturized energy converters that convert motion, light or temperature differences into electrical energy. Together with an efficient energy management system, the energy harvesting technology facilitates communication between maintenance-free IoT devices based on a variety of wireless standards, such as EnOcean, ZigBee and BLE. The solutions are used in building automation, smart homes, LED light control systems as well as industrial applications…

Smart solutions for the Internet of Things

The development of a solution for the IoT sector is one example of the successful collaboration between companies in the EnOcean ecosystem that rely on the EnOcean wireless standard: Together with its partners, element14, Digital Concepts and IBM, EnOcean has launched a certified kit called “Intelligent Building – Self-powered IoT Solution” with batteryless EnOcean-based wireless sensors. The kit’s Enterprise Edition for the real estate business provides easy connection to the IBM Watson IoT platform as well as IBM‘s Bluemix service and TRIRIGA facility management software for securely networking and managing devices, analyzing data and using cognitive services…

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