How do you update your existing service matrix records?

Suppose you have a service agreement from which you generated your existing service assignment matrix (SAM) records. Everything is fine until you want to add a new request class to the service agreement. If you modify the agreement, based on the documentation, you apparently need to regenerate all of the SAM records again.

If you go to Maintenance > Set Up > General > Service Matrix and navigate to the Create Service Matrix tab, what is the best way to add the new request class? Here are the steps I think should work, but seems to seriously take a very long time to generate a single SAM record, let alone all of the needed SAM records.

  • 1. Click the radio button next to Contract for the Manage By.
  • 2. Select the Service Contract that will have the new request class.
  • 3. Click on the check box for Use Request Class Defaults for the Default Matrix SLA Values section.
  • 4. Find and select the new request class.
  • 5. Find the highest level service geography. (World?)
  • 6. Find the highest level service location. (Property?)
  • 7. Click on the Generate Service Matrix action in the Manage By section.

As I mentioned, following this process will generate the SAM records, but it takes so long that it ends up messing up the whole system. It is much easier just to modify the service agreement directly and reissuing because it can regenerate ALL of the SAM records in considerably less time. If need be, I can open a support ticket, but thought this should be the first place to start if this is a problem with understanding the best way to add SAM records in support of an existing service agreement.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.02.16 post about clarifying how service matrix records are generated. To see other related posts, use the SAM tag.]

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