UX: Why isn’t data returned when using scroller and two filters?

For some reason, I’m not getting data back when I try to use a scroller with two filters. When I comment out the scroller, data is returned. There aren’t any errors. Is there a problem with my syntax?

<triplat-ds id=”floorDS” name=”floors” filtered-data=”{{floors}}”>


<triplat-query-scroll-page scroller=”{{floorScroller}}” size=”50″></triplat-query-scroll-page>
<triplat-query-filter name=”name” operator=”contains” value=”{{searchFloor}}” ignore-if-blank></triplat-query-filter>
<triplat-query-filter name=”building” operator=”equals” value=”{{inspection.building.value}}”></triplat-query-filter>



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