Is there a way to export language packs as Excel spreadsheets?

I am wondering if it is possible to export a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from TRIRIGA with the English translations in one column and the French, Danish, Chinese, or other language in another column (with one spreadsheet for each target language). If so, then this file could be uploaded back into TRIRIGA and the translation would be updated.

TRIRIGA only supports language packs in XLIFF file format, and they must be in this format for importing via Globalization Manager. This is why the export utility also generates the XLIFF format. You may have some luck with third-party tools to convert an XLIFF file into an Excel file. But it’s important that you convert it back to an XLIFF file with the same structure as the files in our shipping language packs. For example, tags like <tririga> and its attributes would need to be retained as-is.

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