Why is there a System tab error for the secondary language?

We are using TRIRIGA and 10.4.2. Currently, when creating a triCalendar record, the system information is available for the US English user profile. But if I change the language of the user to a secondary language (in my case, French), the system information of the same record is no longer available.

Instead, a “MID-2503042352” error occurs. No error message is found in the server.log. This error only occurs on the newly created triCalendar, while the working hours and holidays for the old records, everything seems fine. The same issue occurs when I go to the System tab of the newly created work hours record. Here’s the log related to the working hours. Have you seen this issue before?

2016-12-13 17:37:08,222 ERROR [com.tririga.platform.error.ErrorHandler](WebContainer : 0) Report handled exception: com.tririga.platform.gui.rendering .GuiRenderingException: Could not render Gui Component: GuiTabMetadataImpl [Name=triSystem,ID=2,GUI=GuiMetadataImpl [Name=Working Hours,ID=106853]] for record: SmartObjectImpl [ID=SmartObjectId[ID=127864816,Business Object ID=106853],Business Object=BoImpl [name=Working Hours,id=106853,module=ModuleImpl [name=System,id=18]]][MID-3868776078]...

Ultimately, the issue was related to a corrupted user. The system information of this user was corrupted, at least in my virtual machine. When this user tried to create a triCalendar, TRIRIGA tried to copy the system information of this user to the newly created triCalendar. So, the system information of triCalendar was also corrupted.

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