IV91559: Metric report data not showing records as expected

A tabular metric report related to a graphic one does not display the detailed list of the records. Basically, the tabular report does not display the records on the list as expected. So the customer is not able to select or view the details of the records selected. The customer sent us a package with 4 metric reports based on triTask and triWorkTask… Using the last two reports:

  • 1. Without applying any filter, if you try to open a task record from the tabular report, there is an error message: “An Error Occurred. Contact your System Administrator. — [MID-3622383736]”
  • 2. When you try to apply a filter using the start date, for example, the list of tasks disappears from the tabular reports. The issue is that if the first column on a tabular metric report is a numeric value with no decimals, the platform is trying to handle it as a record ID. Since it is not a valid record ID, an error is encountered and the row is not displayed.

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