IV91760: Retired records are not being hidden in hierarchy

Let’s say that you want to hide records in a hierarchy with a certain state. For example, you want to hide locations that are in a Retired state. Go to the Data Modeler. For triLocation, go to State Transitions. For triRetired, select the “Hide state in hierarchy” option. Then publish the BO.

If you have the following hierarchy: Bldg1, Bldg1>Flr1, Bldg1>Flr1>Space1, and Bldg1>Flr1>Space2, and you retire Space1, it is still visible in the hierarchy and it should not be visible. Basically, when using the “Hide state in hierarchy” check box in the Data Modeler, that option should hide those states from being seen in the hierarchy.

[Admin: This post is related to the 01.04.17 technote about hiding retired records in a hierarchy.]

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