IV90434: Long-running query was causing performance issues

The following SQL was running on the customer installation and was not originating from TRIRIGA itself. This SQL was a long-running query, originating from Oracle, running often, and resulted in TRIRIGA performance problems:

SELECT NULL AS table_cat, t.owner AS table_schem, t.table_name AS table_name, t.column_name AS column_name, DECODE( (SELECT a.typecode FROM ALL_TYPES A WHERE a.type_name = t.data_type), 'OBJECT', 2002, 'COLLECTION', 2003, DECODE(substr(t.data_type, 1, 9), 'TIMESTAMP', DECODE(substr(t.data_type, 10, 1), '(', DECODE(substr(t.data_type, 19, 5), 'LOCAL', -102, 'TIME ', -101, 93), ...

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