What is the best practice for a precise audit of associations?

We would like to keep track of the associations (Warranty For/Has Warranty) made and broken between any triWarranty and any triBuildingEquipment. The solution should provide information regarding the user making it change, the contract and asset concerned, the association name, and the new status (“Broken” or “Linked”).

We know that the check box “Audit All Data” in the business object properties already keeps track of the associations. By the way, is it the only one property doing that? But we don’t really want to do an audit of all the data of triBuildingEquipment. Some fields are already auditable and we don’t want to audit the others.

In short, what would be the best practice to get a permanent and precise tracking of associations made between two objects? I am wondering if the triLog module would do the trick, either by creating a new cstAssociationLog business object, or by using an existing one and having an asynchronous workflow creating the log.

Actually, a follow-up question would be: How can we use the triLog module to implement a new logging system? I am pretty sure the question is not new, so maybe a redirection toward a chosen part of the documentation that I might have missed would help.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.24.16 post about tracking when and who created an association.]

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