How do you find queries that use the Reverse Association flag?

We are currently planning our 3.5.2 upgrade, and I noticed in the 3.5.2 release notes that the “Reverse Association” flag is being deprecated in a future release. I’m assuming that the legacy queries which used this flag have been or are being changed and included in the application upgrades.

Is it possible that a list of these queries is published so that those of us who are not currently taking application upgrades can make the fixes manually? Or is there a way that we can easily query which queries are currently using this flag?

Here’s an SQL you can run to see which queries are using this flag. Note that while it will be fine to uncheck the “Reverse Association” flag for the vast majority of these queries, there may be some where this flag was intended and a larger redesign of the functionality is needed. I know I’ve purposefully used it once in the last ten years, but that was more to understand how it worked exactly and haven’t used it since…

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