Selecting IWMS software for the best value management

About 80 percent of the global facilities marketplace is supported by just two Integrated Workplace Management Solution products, ARCHIBUS™ and IBM TRIRIGA™. Both are enterprise-class tools, marketed in topical modules and are designed for full-suite management of large complicated portfolios. Both have proven time-in-market performance, depth of support staff and have matured over time. Typical implementations usually start at about 500,000 square feet in building space and range up to global enterprises with 100 million square feet or more.

By comparison, the remaining 20 percent of the market is supported by hundreds of software companies. Most are single-function products managing leases, maintenance, equipment, space assignments, utilities, environmental, regulatory, moves or other isolated processes.

These smaller products are good, but serious issues emerge when compared against the big two. This software typically has far less track record in the market; there is less history for measuring staying power or version-to-version improvement over time. Similarly, the underpinning companies are limited, usually only a small team of developers and support staff. They may not be as well capitalized and there is risk for the buyer that these products will last a few years, then disappear.

This may not seem to matter, but is a critical consideration. Data assimilation, implementation and support costs will eclipse software costs by eight to twelve-fold. If software underperforms or if its developer company falters, replacement and repetitive migration costs to another product can be extreme. Staff will have invested in learning and managing by workflow processes that the software imposes; starting over (or changing products) results in lost effort that impact the bottom line…

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.01.16 post about the competitors of IBM TRIRIGA.]

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