Having an issue with editable queries and SQL queries in 3.5.2

I’m having two issues which I think are related. The environment is running Windows with SQL Server 2016.

  • 1. In editable queries, I have a locator field, and I pick from the locator query. But after I click OK, my session times out, and it doesn’t save the changes. This affects all browsers: Safari, Chrome, IE.
  • 2. In the Admin panel, if I have comments in my SQL query, the query now fails. For example… “SQL SCRIPT IS NOT VALID SELECT STATEMENT, PLEASE REVISE.”

What I noticed is that I get the same error in the error log when using the locator field in an editable query. Something seems to be failing related to SQL queries. Can anyone reproduce this issue? This is a critical failure in our upgrade tests and I will most likely submit a PMR for a patch.

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