Having an issue with system functions with parameters in 3.5.2

On TRIRIGA 3.5.2, the system functions that take parameters in workflows are broken. If I use any system function with parameters such as AddMonth, GetDays(), UppercaseCount(), etc., the parameter value will move outside the parentheses of the system function.

Can anyone reproduce this issue? It is critical and affecting many workflows since it is found on system functions. This issue is seen once clicking out of the workflow switch and then clicking back onto it again. This issue was found on a clean TRIRIGA 10.5.2/3.5.2 install on Windows Server and MS SQL Server 2016.

This was reported as an APAR IV91759 and is targeted to the Fix Pack. You can contact Support, and request the LA01 that contains the fix.

[Admin: This post is related to the 01.09.17 post about the workflow expression editor not saving correctly.]

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