Planon: Who should own the Building Internet of Things?

With traditional FM systems now creating vast amounts of data, when should IT get involved? Who should own the Internet of Things? How should we assign control and responsibility for these new kinds of building equipment and systems? Are we facing a new period of clashes over the information itself? How do we address questions of legality, ethics, privacy and security that until now have not been part of the equation?

Evolving roles to keep up with the IoT

To begin with, we must keep in mind that building equipment and systems are only a subset of the Internet of Things, a phenomenon that includes all manner of personal and corporate property. For example, we have watched as our cars have transformed from simply mechanical tools of transportation into, essentially mobile computing devices that monitor their own performance, alert us of maintenance needs, and so much more. In adapting to this change, an element of an auto mechanic’s role has evolved into that of a computer technician…

So what of the assets themselves? As elevators become vertical circulation control systems and generators develop the ability to order their own fuel, they are in many ways becoming highly specialised computers. Elevators and generators will still need the typical maintenance protocols for their mechanical and operational characteristics, but now that same team will require new skills to maintain the computing aspects as well…

[Admin: This post is related to the 07.21.16 post about bringing value to IoT, and the 06.09.16 post about categorizing IoT “things” as “assets”.]

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[Admin: As a thought-provoking counterpoint, while IoT continues to struggle with smart homes, driverless vehicles, and security attacks, I explored the deeper and darker technopolitical possibilities of a technocratic IoT.]

Possibility of a global technocratic IoT?

Since the United States gave up its direct oversight of ICANN on 30 September 2016, it’s no longer so remote to imagine a scenario where a communist country is tempted to push its own authoritarian policy across the Internet through the more-corruptible “multi-stakeholder” ICANN model. Or launch DDoS attacks with massive Mirai-infected botnets powered by IoT cameras, televisions, even refrigerators

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