How do you delete all old “Future Actions” after rescheduling?

This job scheduler has been activated for several weeks. I needed to change the schedule type of a job scheduler from daily to monthly, and all of the future events have been created. Although the scheduled events of the job scheduler have been recalculated, the old future events are still there. For example, I have 2 future actions at 2017/05/01 12:00 AM. Is this a normal behavior?

I noticed that we can delete the “Future Actions” in the Admin Console, but only 20 by 20. Is there any procedure which allows us to delete all of the old “Future Actions” or re-synchronize all of the “Future Actions” after rescheduling the events?

There isn’t a way of doing this without unscheduling and deleting the old schedule, and then creating a new one. The Scheduled Events and Event objects do not have the capability to be updated from one schedule type to another.

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.20.16 post about scheduling a daily event with a specified time.]

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